Compact Vacuum Furnaces

• Small Footprint Fits Your Mfg. Cell

• For Brazing & General Purpose Heating

• Enable Continuous Flow Manufacturing

• Can Reduce Overall Cost of Ownership by 75%

• Quick, Clean Induction Heating Technology

Lean Green Manufacturing Technology

Particularly in today's challenging economy, manufacturers are searching for new ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. The GH Induction Atmospheres Vacuum Furnaces – designed to operate with quick, clean induction heating – provide an excellent example of how lean, green technology can have a positive impact on the bottom line. When compared to a traditional large vacuum furnace system, VF Series Vacuum Furnaces can reduce overall all cost of ownership by as much as 75%. To learn more, please read our Vacuum Furnace NPV Analysis.

Vacuum furnaces eliminate oxidation and scaling.Vacuum furnaces are ideal for industrial heating processes which require high part quality and heating consistency. Brazing or heat treating in a high vacuum environment offers a high degree of process control and produces exceptionally clean parts - free of oxidation and scaling. In a vacuum system, parts are loading into a steel chamber which is then pumped free of air and other gases. In contrast to flame heating and resistance heating, a vacuum furnace heats the entire part and not just the joint area.

GH IA vacuum furnaces are designed to heat parts of virtually any shape in a high temperature, high vacuum environment or in partial pressure of an inert gas. Each model offers a compact footprint that fits easily into your manufacturing cell.

Four different vacuum furnace models

Four different models offer a range of hot zone specifications, operating temperatures, power and gas usage. GH IA will also custom design an induction heating vacuum furnace to match your process specifications.

VF-40 - Our largest vacuum furnace heats up to 110 lbs of parts at temperatures up to 2100°F.

VF-30 - This mid-size vacuum furnace features a 11"x12" heating zone and a compact 6' x 5' footprint.

VF-20 - This compact vacuum furnace heats up to 40 lbs of parts at temperatures up to 2250°F

VF-10 - Our most economical furnace features a typical hourly running cost of just $1.31.

Quick, Clean Induction Heating

Cycle times can be dramatically reduced in comparison to traditional resistance heating methods. The chart below plots time/temperature curves for a typical nickel brazing process. The induction heating vacuum furnace completes the process in less than one hour while the same process requires more than three hours with resistance heating. With the GH IA VF-30 Vacuum Furnace, 1900°F can be reached in less than fifteen minutes and temperatures as high as 2200° can be achieved. Cool down to 1200°F from maximum temperature can be completed in 4.5 minutes.

induction heating vs resistance heating

The most common applications for vacuum furnaces include heating small lot sizes, brazing parts of unusual shapes, repairing “orphans” from other heating processes, and other applications which benefit from whole part heating. It’s easy to set up a continuous manufacturing flow, run various processes throughout the day and realize up to 90% improvement in overall cycle time.

Vacuum Furnace Features and Options

To permit easy loading, the part handling mechanisms on GH IA vacuum furnaces open at the base of the system, then automatically raise the parts up into the vacuum chamber and heating coil, and finally lower the parts back down to base level for unloading. The chambers are mounted on heavy duty stainless steel frames that house all the required equipment for vacuum, atmospheric and system control, as well as the induction heating station.

Real time monitoring and SPC are a snap with the optional LAN interface or digital chart recorder; data may be stored and sent directly to your desktop. The standard thermocouple controls record all chamber temperatures; individual part temperatures may be controlled and monitored with the optional optical pyrometer.

To maximize operator safety, GH IA vacuum furnace heating systems are fully isolated. Safety interlocks protect access to the vacuum chamber and manual controls. Other operator safety features include a light curtain, emergency stop and other warning systems built into the software and hardware.

Protected by US Patents 6,649,887and 7724045. Other patents pending.

VF-30 Vacuum Furnace
Specification VF-10 VF-20 VF-30 VF-40
Hot Zone Size - id x h (inch) 8 x 8 10x10 11 x12 12x17
Hot Zone Volume (cu ft) 0.24 0.45 0.66 1.11
Max. Operating Temperature (F) 1800 2250 2200 2100
Max Parts Weight (lb) 20 40 60 110
Power Usage (kwh) 8.3 12 17 33
Gas Usage (cu ft) 6 8 12 16
Typical Hourly Running Cost $1.31 $1.99 $2.69 $5.13
Dimensions (W x D x H) 4' x 3' x 6' 5' x 5' x 8' 6' x 5' x 8' 7' x 7' x 9'
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1600 2000 2000 3500
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