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Useful Links

Abbott Furnace Company

Abbott is a custom furnace manufacturer specializing in continuous belt technology. Abbott furnaces are used in a wide variety of industries including Powdered Metal, Heat Treating, Brazing, Annealing, Thick Film Processing and Fuel Cells.

Kay and Associates
Paul Miller Marketing Communications
Abbott Furnace Company

Kay & Associates

With over 30 years of experience in the brazing business, Dan Kay is a widely respected expert in brazing. He has become known worldwide as an excellent seminar leader, trainer and speaker. Kay & Associates offers consulting, brazing seminars and "expert witness" legal services.

Paul Miller Marketing Communications

Paul Miller, our website development partner and industrial photographer, offers a wide range of marketing services. Contact Paul for creative website design and optimization, collateral development, industrial photography, graphic design and cost-effective internet advertising.

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Innovative Induction Heating

induction heating solutions

Induction Tooling, Inc.

Induction Tooling, Inc. is recognized world-wide as the premier manufacturer of tooling for induction hardening. Their excellent reputation is the result of building high quality inductors, bus bars, quick change adapters, and other products with integrity, honesty, safety, quality, and a commitment to excellence.