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GH IA Introduces Innovative Technology for Inductor


Patented Microfusion Process Improves Inductor Quality and Durability

ROCHESTER NY: February 7, 2011 - GH Induction Atmospheres (GH IA), a leading provider of industrial induction heating machines, today introduced innovative technology for inductor manufacturing. With Microfusion, a patented process developed by GH Group, identical inductors can be produced from the same 3D manufacturing mold.

The inductor (the business end of induction heating machines used for metal hardening, brazing, and other metal heating processes) consists of specially-shaped conductive material through which alternating electrical current is
passed. Traditional inductor manufacturing is a one-off process; copper tubing
is shaped by hand to conform to engineering specifications. This makes it exceptionally difficult to manufacture absolutely identical inductors with the
same performance characteristics.

With GH Microfusion technology, multiple inductors can be produced from the same pre-qualified mold. This increases repeatability and consistency when multiple induction systems are running the same process, and significantly reduces maintenance and calibration time when inductors need to changed.

"With Microfusion, we can offer inductors with increased life at competitive prices," said Steve Skewes, General Manager of GH IA. "This innovative process will also enable us to design and produce complex inductors that simply were not possible with traditional methods."

GH manufactures these inductors with a material compound that is 25% more conductive than copper. Advanced 3D design of the inside wall of the inductor improves cooling efficiency. With one-piece construction that eliminates any weak points from welding or brazing, the finished inductor offers improved durability.

For more information about this patented Microfusion inductor design process, visit the GH IA Website at or contact GH IA at 585.368.2120.

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GH Induction Atmospheres (GH IA) is a leading American provider of customized industrial heating solutions for automotive, aerospace, medical and energy production applications. GH IA is part of GH Group –one of the largest, most experienced induction heating companies in the world. With headquarters in Valencia, Spain, GH Group includes affiliated companies in the USA, Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, and China. GH Group specializes in providing custom-designed production machines for industrial heat treating. With over over 4000 installations in more than 50 countries, GH Group has developed long standing relationships with companies such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, John Deere, Visteon, Bosch, CAT, Valeo, TRW, Audi, and GKN.

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