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Induction Atmospheres Featured in Rochester Newspaper

ROCHESTER, NY: August 26, 2003 -- The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle has published a feature story about Induction Atmospheres in the Business Section of its August 25 edition.

Written by D&C Staff Writer David Tyler, "Local Firm Heats Up" covers the story behind last year's founding of IA and how they came to be the sole tenant in the 380,000 sq. ft. Rochester Technology Park.

Tyler also offers a simple explanation for the induction heating technology behind IA's custom-built manufacturing systems. "Induction works on roughly the same principle as the burner on an electric stove: Turn on the heat, and the coil on your stove starts to glow. With induction, the magnetic field uses current to make the metal part glow."

IA founders Steve Skewes and Dale Wilcox and quoted throughout the article, explaining how induction heating technology saves their customers money, and expressing optimism for the future growth of the company

Founded in 2002, Induction Atmospheres is an independently-owned induction heating system integrator with extensive laboratory facilities, design engineering expertise, full in-house machining and manufacturing capabilities. Clients such as General Electric, NASA, General Motors, Boston Scientific, Lufthansa Technika and Siemens have purchased IA turnkey heating systems for industrial brazing, welding, hardening and general purpose heating applications. The company is headquartered in Rochester NY. For more information, please call (585) 368-2120.

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