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April Machine Design Issue Features IA Technology READ ARTICLE

ROCHESTER, NY: April 10, 2005 -- Machine Design, a leading monthly publication for design engineers in the OEM, process and consulting industries, features IA's induction heating technology in an April article titled "Lean, Green Heating Machines".

Written by Lory Wells Hedges of High Tech Rochester, the magazine article describes how modern induction heating systems offer unique advantages over furnace brazing and soldering operations: fast operation, a smaller equipment footprint, pinpoint heating control and improved energy efficiency. Ms. Hedges includes examples of two companies who realized considerable energy cost savings by installing IA turnkey systems in their manufacturing cells.

In a separate sidebar titled "Induction Heating Basics", the author briefly explains how induction technology allows a conductive part to be heated without any direct contact with the induction coil; why copper, brass and aluminum heat more slowly than steels; and how the heating technique varies according to the size of the part.

Founded in 2002, Induction Atmospheres is an independently-owned induction heating system integrator with extensive laboratory facilities, design engineering expertise, full in-house machining and manufacturing capabilities. Clients such as General Electric, NASA, General Motors, Boston Scientific, Lufthansa Technika and Siemens have purchased IA turnkey heating systems for industrial brazing, welding, hardening and general purpose heating applications. The company is headquartered in Rochester NY. For more information, please call (585) 368-2120.

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