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IA Engineer Set To Speak at Aluminum
Brazing and Soldering Seminar

ROCHESTER NY: April 23, 2007 – Jim Ferguson, IA Application Engineer, is scheduled to be a guest speaker at Dan Kay & Associates' Aluminum Brazing and Soldering Seminar in June.

Mr. Ferguson, who has over 10 years of induction heating applications experience, will present "Induction for Joining of Aluminum". The seminar will be held on June 12-13 at the Ramada Inn Airport in Windsor Locks, CT. His presentation will cover both aluminum soldering and brazing.

The rest of the seminar program will cover other aspects of aluminum brazing and soldering. Guidelines for effectively implementing what you have learned will also be taught. Topics will include the metallurgy of aluminum, how to properly design assemblies for aluminum brazing and soldering (joint designs are often quite different for aluminum than for brazing of other metals), selection of proper filler metals (what form is best -- rings, paste, etc.? -- pros and cons of each), what kind of fluxes are available and which should be used, CAB (controlled atmosphere brazing), the equipment that is needed to successfully braze or solder aluminum, cleaning procedures, proper heating/cooling cycles, and how to correctly address your Quality Assurance concerns for aluminum, to name a few of the topics to be covered.

Soldering methods for use in automotive, refrigertion, and HVAC will be discussed. Some of the brazing topics include:

Vacuum furnace brazing
Atmosphere retort-type furnace brazing
Atmosphere belt-furnace brazing
Flame (torch) brazing
Dip brazing
Induction brazing

For additional information and registration options, please visit the Kay & Associates website at https://www.kaybrazing.com/seminarsalum.htm.

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