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Money Saving IA Vacuum Furnace Earns Mention in Wall Street Journal

VF-30 Vacuum FurnaceROCHESTER NY: March 12, 2009 – The Wall Street Journal recently featured the Induction Atmospheres (IA) compact induction heating vacuum furnace in a news profile about General Electric's Aviation Unit. The article “GE's Focus on Services Faces Test”, written by Paul Glader for the March 3 edition, describes how GE and its rivals are working to bolster service revenues to offset weaker sales in a tough economy. The IA furnace was included as an example of new equipment GE recently acquired to help achieve this goal.

With the new vacuum furnace, GE has been able to dramatically reduce labor time and energy costs for repairing expensive jet engine turbine blades–the work can now be completed in two hours instead of five. The repairs require a high-temperature, industrial heating process called brazing; the IA furnace is ideal for the job because it incorporates a quick, clean induction heating system which reduces cycle time and maintains quality.

"Particularly in today's challenging economy, manufacturers are searching for new ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs." said IA President and CEO Steve Skewes. "It's great to see our new vacuum furnace get the recognition it deserves."

IA's technology, recently selected by Industrial Heating Magazine as one of “10 Technologies to Watch” in its January 2009 edition, can also be utilized for heating small lot sizes, repairing “orphans” from other heating processes, and general purpose applications which require whole part heating. It’s easy to set up a continuous manufacturing flow, run various processes throughout the day and realize up to 90% improvement in overall cycle time.

Induction Atmospheres is the only independently-owned industrial heating system integrator working solely with induction heating technology – a non-contact, fast and accurate heating method which saves manufacturers space, time and money. As its business has grown, IA has developed strong working relationships with Fortune 500 customers in the medical, aerospace and automotive industries; clients include GE, GM, Siemens, Lufthansa Technik, Taiwan Power, Boston Scientific, NASA, the US Army and Navy. For more information, please call 585.368.2120 or visit the IA website at www.inductionatmospheres.com

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