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New Induction Heating System for Heat Staking Metal to Plastic

HS-2 Heat Staking SystemNovember 12, 2006: Rochester, NY - Induction Atmospheres has developed a new turnkey induction heating system for heat staking metal components to plastic assemblies. With a compact 3' x 3' footprint, the Model HS-2 is designed for open-air operation in a lean manufacturing environment.

The HS-2 is equipped with an energy-efficient 2kW induction heating power supply and a specially-designed, four-position induction coil. The side-mounted control console includes start/stop push buttons that place the system into auto run mode. Full manual control is available for process development. For the injection molder who seeks added value, the HS-2 may be adapted for a variety of different products with easy change-over fixturing and PLC control for added flexibility. The system is designed for use by a single operator.

"Our new heat staking system will truly facilitate continuous flow manufacturing", said IA President Steve Skewes. "With the HS-2, our customers can move the heating stage of the manufacturing process away from a centralized work area, directly into the work cell".

Founded in 2002, Induction Atmospheres is an independently-owned system integrator with extensive laboratory facilities, engineering expertise, full in-house machining and manufacturing capabilities. Clients such as General Electric, NASA, General Motors, Boston Scientific, Lufthansa Technik and Siemens have purchased IA turnkey heating systems for industrial brazing, welding, hardening and general-purpose induction heating applications. The company is headquartered in Rochester NY. For more information, please call 585.368.2120 or visit the IA website at www.inductionatmospheres.com.

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