VF-10 Vacuum Furnace

induction heating
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Innovative Induction Heating

• 4’ x 6’ Footprint Fits Your Mfg. Cell

• Utilizes Quick, Clean Induction Heating

• Heats To 1900°F In Less Than 20 Minutes

• For Brazing & General Purpose Heating

• Enables Continuous Flow Manufacturing

VF-10 Vacuum Furnace

VF-10 Vacuum ChamberOur VF-10 Vacuum Furnace is designed to heat parts of virtually any shape
in a high temperature, high vacuum environment. Although the compact 4’ x 6’ footprint fits easily into your manufacturing cell, our vacuum furnace can reach temperatures as high as 1800°F. The chamber has a typical ultimate vacuum of 5x10-6 Torr with a leak rate of less than 3 microns per hour.

With the Model VF-10’s quick, clean induction heating system,1800°F can be reached within 20 minutes. Cool down to 1200°F from maximum temperature
can be achieved within 30 minutes. Temperature uniformity is rated at ±25°F
at 1800°F.

The standard hot zone of the VF-10 has an 8”ID, 8” height, and volume of
0.24 cu. ft. The chamber is mounted on a heavy duty stainless steel frame
that houses all the required equipment for vacuum, atmospheric and system control, as well as the induction heating station.

With the VF-10’s efficient induction heating system, the furnace reduces overall cost of ownership over a 14-year life by 75% when compared to traditional
vacuum furnace technology. The typical operating cost is just $1.31 per hour, based on $0.15/kwh and $0.40/ft3 Ar.

Real time monitoring and SPC are a snap with the optional optical pyrometer
and digital chart recorder; process data for each individual part can be recorded, stored and sent directly to your desktop. To maximize operator safety, the heating system has been fully isolated. Safety interlocks protect access to the vacuum furnace chamber and manual controls.

VF-10 Data Sheet