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Turntable Heat Treating Machines

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Innovative Induction Heating

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Pop up, Scanning, and High Volume Turntables

• Machines contained in one work cell stand
• Stainless steel quench tank and pump system
• Quench tank cooling system maintains proper temperature
• Lift system for precise induction coil placement
• PLC controlled systems
• Ergonometric human machine interface controls
• Custom fixturing for easy part handling
• NEMA enclosure for electrical components
• Guarding system for operator safety
• Auto operation with manual override for process development
• Programmable recopies for different parts
• Optional bar code scanning
• Optional pyrometer temperature measurement for process control

High Volume Hardening System
Turntable for above hardening machine

Pop-up System

High Volume Turntable Hardening Machine

Hardening Machine

Turntable for above machine

Heating with above machine