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Slewing Bearing Hardening Machine

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GTV - Hardening Machine
Our model GTV Machine is designed to harden steel slewing bearings to increase strength and durability. A single machine hardens both bearing raceways and teeth .

This proven machine design accommodates bearings and rings with diameters from 500mm to 4500mm. GT machines support slewing bearings on three massive columns – one central fixed column; and two side columns. The side columns move horizontally on a set of linear guides to adapt to different part diameters.

Each of the three columns is equipped with a mobile platform, driven by a servomotor, transmission by ball screw. Each platform is equipped with a roller intended to hold and turn the rings. Each roller supporting platform moves along its supporting column. The rollers' orientation is reversible in order to adapt the machine to inner or outer raceways and/or teeth. This flexibility is shown very well in the first few minutes of the video at right.

Inductors and Power Supply
Two inductors (coils) are usual in GT machines, one for heating raceways and one for heating bearing teeth. The raceways inductor works in scan mode; it does not move while the bearing rotates around it. The teeth inductor is also in scan mode; it rotates around the diameter of the static bearing. Each inductor is fed by a GH IA SM150 power supply.