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Crankshaft Hardening Machines

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CFW - Automatic Crankshaft Hardening Machines
Our fully automatic CFW crankshaft hardening installations can harden crankshafts in as little as 40.5 seconds.

With a walking beam to provide automatic load and unload, CFW machines are easy to insert into an automatic production line.

CFW installations have 3 heating stations, 2 for hardening pins and 1 for hardening journals. Two 400kW power supplies enable simultaneous hardening of 5 journals and 4 pins.

Within the hardening section, the crankshafts are transported by a walking beam. When the parts arrive at the heat station, a straightener/lifter places the crankshafts into position to be held between centers. The system acts as a lunette to prevent bending of the crankshafts

The Model CFW-313 automatically identifies the specifications of the crankshaft to be hardened. The journals are hardened at the first heat station, and the pins are hardened at the second or third heat statio, depending on the specifications of the crankshaft. More than one set of specifications can be programmed into the machine, providing extensive flexibility.

CFW 313 - Primary Specifications

Power (2) 400kW power supplies
Frequency 10 -15 kHz
Production 89 parts/hr (40.5 sec/part)
Maximum Part Length 500 mm