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To meet the needs of the woodworking industry, GH IA has developed a unique turnkey system for brazing carbide tips to rotary saw blades. Designed for semi-automatic or manual operation, the system includes a stepper motor package that rotates the blade to the correct position, along with a pneumatic sled which moves the induction heating coil for easy blade load and unload. A convenient touch screen is provided for machine control and process setup. With this system, carbide tips can be precisely aligned within ±0.002” on the center of the saw blade body for fast, high-quality brazing.

Carbide Saw Tipping SystemCT-1 Carbide Saw Tipping System

• Semi-automatic or manual operation
• Stepper motor package rotates blade to correct location during
  brazing process; skips every other tooth to avoid over heating
 blade; makes two passes to complete blade
• Precise ±0.002” alignment of carbide tips on center of saw
 blade body
• Quick, clean induction heating system consistently produces
 high quality braze joints
• Pneumatic sled on coil to move coil back to allow for easy blade
• Convenient touch screen for machine control and process setup
• Timing page for setting programs for different blades
• Cassette feeder for carbide tips or optional bowl feed
• Designed to work with or without pre-tinned carbides
• Pneumatic braze paste or flux dispensing system
• Robust steel frame with leveling pads or casters

CT-1 system closeup
Induction coil and saw blade alignment

• 5.6 kW solid-state low voltage generator
• 100 bit capacity carbide tip magazine
• Track-adjustable tip track assembly for quick setting
• Accepts 6” - 20” diameter saw blades
• Requires 80 PSI air pressure
• Base machine weight: 950 lbs.
• Dimensions: 45” wide, 32” deep, 46” high
• 220/1/60 electric, to UL/CSA Standards, 30 Amp circuit required with 6kW power source and other standard accessories

• Infrared pyrometer for consistent regulation of brazing temperature
• Water chiller unit, 6000 BTU or 1.76 KwH

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