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Cable and Wire Heating Solutions

The production of optical fiber conductors and cables requires continous heat for preheating, polymerization and sealing of the insulator, annealing, covering, etc. Because of its compact footprint and precision temperature control, induction heating equipment positioned in line is the ideal solution for these processes.

Pre-Heating and Post-Heating
One of the most commonly applications for induction heating is pre- and post-heating of cables, pipes, strips, wires and mechanical components for welding, extrusion, vulcanizing, sintering, galvanizing, painting or polyethylene coating, or some other type of coating such as Dacromet.

For series manufacturing as well as for continuous production of products requiring a high quality of heating, induction offers the advantages of accuracy, speed, and high repeatability.

Examples of induction heating applications for cable and wire include:

induction heating is ideal for cable and wire manufacturing.Heating cables prior to the extrusion process
• Heating cables after the extrusion process
• Heating pipes prior to the galvanizing process
• Heating pipes prior to the coating process
• Heating painted sheet metal prior to the forming process
• Heating bands for vulcanizing
• Heating boring starter rings for sintering
• Heating to dry paint
• Heating after coating with materials such as Dacromet

Recommended Equipment for Cable and Wire Heating
High or medium frequency transistor equipment is used with single or multiple inductors.

PM Series Transistor Power Supplies
• Frequency: 0.5 kHz to 150 kHz
• Power: 50 kW to 800 kW

SH Series Transistor Power Supplies
• Frequency: 150 to 400 kHz
• Power: 6 kW to 100 kW

SM Series Transistor Power Supplies
• Frequency: 0.5 - 20 kHz for whole range and 20-150 kHz up to 100 kW
• Power: 12 kW to 800 kW

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