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Induction TurntableSemi-Automatic Induction Turntable (2002)
These turnkey machines are ideal for small part brazing and heat treating processes. The 8-position indexing turntable makes it easy to move parts in and out of the inductor.

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protective atmosphere heatingProtective Atmosphere Heating (2003)
Shows how our turnkey, integrated machines bring the benefits of
atmospheric heating to brazing, welding, hardening and general
purpose heating processes.

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VF-30 Vacuum FurnaceVF-30 Vacuum Furnace
Shows loading and unloading of VF-30 Vacuum Furnace, and
ideal system for vacuum brazing and general purpose whole-part induction heating.

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High Vacuum SystemsHigh Vacuum Systems
Shows how induction heating can be utilized for high vacuum precision heating.

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Multiple Joint BrazingMultiple Joint Brazing
Shows how induction heating is used to braze two joints simultaneously. Features GH IA's AB-2 Turnkey Induction Heating Machine.

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Heat Staking Metal To Plastic
Shows how GH IA Model HS-2 Heat Staking Machine is used to bond metal to plastic. 1:28 – Play video

Annealing Steel RodsAnnealing Steel Rods With Induction Heating
Shows how thin steel rods can be quickly annealed with a turnkey induction heating machine

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Automated BrazingModel AB-1 Automated Industrial Brazing Machine
Shows how GH IA Model AB-1 Turnkey Induction Heating Machine is used for automated industrial brazing.

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CT-1 Carbide Saw Tipping System
Shows how induction heating can be used for carbide saw tipping with precise ±0.002” alignment of carbide tips on center of saw blade body

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