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Brazing Equipment

Semi-Automatic Indexing Turntable

• Eight part positions
• For small part induction brazing
• Full manual control for automatic override and process
• Perfect for high speed automated processes
• Choose an off-the shelf model or custom design

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Open Air Brazing

Indexing Turntable
Automated Brazing System

AB-1 Automated Brazing System

• Small 4'x4' footprint fits your mfg. cell
• Indexing turntable for easy loading/unloading
• For automated brazing and soldering
• Multiple heat program capability
• Energy-efficient induction heating system
• Facilitates continuous flow manufacturing

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Controlled Atmosphere Brazing

VF-30 Vacuum Furnace

VF-30 Vacuum Furnace

• Small 6'x5' footprint fits your mfg. cell
• Heats to 1900°F in less than 8 minutes
• Cool down to 400°F in less than 20 minutes
• 12" high, 11" ID heating zone (customizable)
• Ideal for unusually shaped parts and "orphans"
  from other processes
• Quickly heats entire part
• Stainless steel chamber

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Atmospheric Glove Boxes

• Integrated systems for auto and manual operation
• For use with nickel, titanium, superalloys,
  stainless steel and refractories
• Replacement for hydrogen belt furnaces
• Reduces a typical 25-minute, quartz lamp
  heating cycle to just three minutes
• Ergonomics increase operator comfort & safety

Atmospheric Glove Box
Bell Jar Heating System

Bell Jar Heating Systems

• Vacuum chamber moves up and out of the way to
  provide easy access to parts and fixturing
• Designed to handle 10 (-5) Torr pressure at moderate
• Single chamber units ideal for laboratory use; automatic
  systems for high volume factory production
• Amazing flexibility in a cost-effective package
• Optional temperature control

Triple Quartz Chamber Brazing System

• Designed for moderate vacuum processes
• For brazing silver, copper and brass components with
  silver and copper alloys
• For use with standard atmospheric gases such as
  Nitrogen, Argon and Hydrogen
• Ideal for brazing HVAC, plumbing fixtures

Triple Quartz Brazing System

High Vacuum Brazing

High Vacuum Brazing System

High Vacuum Brazing System

• Ideal for nickel brazing, aerospace applications
• For superalloys, titanium, refractories
• Individual part temperature measurement
• Auto/Manual Control with easy-to-use touchscreen
• Made for continuous operation

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