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Pre-Heating for Welding

Research Objective
The objective of this induction heating application is to uniformly heat jet engine turbine fan blades to 1800°F within five minutes for welding repair

Parts & Materials Description
Jet engine turbine fan blades with 2” length tip

Temperature Required

Induction Heating Equipment
3 kW solid state power supply, remote heat station and a specially-designed inductor (coil).

Operating Frequency
216 kHz

Heating Procedure
A four-turn helical inductor with a kidney shape was used to provide uniform heat for this application. Initial tests were conducted to establish a heating profile and time-to-temperature. The turbine blade was placed inside the coil and power was applied until the top 0.25” of the blade reached 1800°F. An optical pyrometer was used to measure the temperature of the part. The desired temperature was reached in 5 minutes.

Consistent and uniform results were obtained with the 3 kW power supply and inductor; ±3°F temperature uniformity was achieved from the leading edge of the blade to the trailing edge. A 5 kW power supply could be used to further reduce the heating cycle.

Pre-heating for welding
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