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Brazing Stainless Steel Orthodontic Parts

Research Objective
To heat a batch of orthodontic parts to 1300°F within 1 second in an inert atmosphere for brazing.

Parts & Materials Description
Small stainless steel orthodontic parts, silver braze alloy, no flux

Temperature Required

Induction Heating Equipment
RF power supply with 3kW output and 1 microfarad heat station, 3 1/8” graphite susceptor disk with 1” center hole, 4-turn round inductor (coil), bell jar made of pyrex or quartz.

Operating Frequency
111 kHz

Heating Procedure
Brazing paste was applied to orthodontic parts with a syringe. The parts were then placed on the graphite susceptor disk, which was placed on an insulating support in a quartz bell jar. After the jar was filled with inert gas, RF power was applied for 50 seconds at 111kHz to reach the required temperature, followed by a cool-down cycle.

Successful, even brazing of parts without levitation or oxidation. 100 parts were brazed in 50 seconds.

Brazing stainless steel orthodontic parts
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