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Brazing Steel Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

Brazing hydraulic hose assembliesResearch Objective
To heat an hydraulic hose fitting in an inert atmosphere within 7 seconds without any carbon build-up for brazing.

Parts & Materials Description
Three-opening steel hydraulic fitting, pure copper braze paste

Temperature Required

Induction Heating Equipment
ABS Mark 2 Vacuum Brazing System, 3 kW RF power supply, remote heat station containing one 1.0 microfarad capacitor and a specially-designed inductor (coil).

Operating Frequency
283 kHz

Heating Procedure
A specially designed, four-turn split helical inductor was used to provide optimal heating to the joint area of the hydraulic fitting. The testing was done in the ABS Mark 2 containing a mixture of 95% Argon and 5% Hydrogen gas. RF power heated the steel assemblies to 2200°F within 7 seconds. An infrared pyrometer was used to measure the temperature of the part. After the copper braze flowed, the parts were allowed to cool and were removed from the chamber.

Successful results were achieved at 2200°F within 7 seconds. The copper braze flowed well and the joints were clean. For this type of brazing, the size of the power supply is dependent on the desired time-to-temperature.

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